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Our cookie policy

By visiting the website of STUDENT AGENCY TRAVEL k.s., you will receive one file (or possibly more) on your computer (“cookie”) that is used, in particular, to increase your comfort and optimise the provision of our services.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files containing the minimum information (letters and numbers) saved in your computer upon visiting a particular website. These files allow the website to recognise the web browser or device you are using, among other things.

How does STUDENT AGECNCY TRAVEL k.s. use cookies?

Cookies at the website of STUDENT AGENCY TRAVEL k.s. are set by us or third parties (entitles under contract with us). There are session files and permanent files. Session cookies are cookies that are deleted upon the end of the session; permanent cookies are saved permanently as long as they are valid (no more than two years), or deleted by the user. These files allow our company to detect repeated visits by you on our website.

Classification of types of cookies on the STUDENT AGECNCY TRAVEL k.s. website

Functional cookies: These cookies enable the fundamental functions of the website, e.g. login and completion of orders. These cookies do not collect personal information for marketing purposes and cannot be blocked.

Performance cookies: These cookies help track website traffic and its sources, which helps us optimise the performance of the website. We can learn which pages are the most favourite or not liked at all, or see how visitors behave in using our website. All information collected by cookies is anonymous and summarised. If you block cookies, we will not know when you visited our website.

Targeting cookies: These cookies can be used to keep records on certain user behaviour or your preferences, so that the content offered better corresponds to your interests and relevant ads are shown on other websites. These cookies can be set through our websites or by our advertising partners. While they do not store personal information directly, they utilise the unique identification of your browser and device. If you block these cookies, the ads offered will not correspond to your interests.

Personalisation cookies: These cookies ensure more advanced functionalities of websites. They do not collect information which would help determine the identity of users.

Providing user data

We provide information about your visit to our website to third parties for analytics and personalised advertising purposes. These data are used to personalise the content of the ads you see on the Internet.

  • Providing user data for advertising purposes: they help third-parties to target relevant advertising and not show content that you are not interested in.
  • Providing data for personalised advertising is used to enable you to see advertisements for our services after you have been on our website.

Blocking and removal of cookies

If you want to block or remove all cookies, you can do so via your browser. You can set your preferences regarding cookies through our Cookie Preference Center tool. For the sake of your user comfort, we recommend that you enable cookies with regard to the use of our company’s website.

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